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BBQ JockeyMate

A table that attaches to your jockey wheel shaft on your caravan/boat/camper

It will only attach via the jockey wheel shaft

No assembly required - we ship the item in one piece for you. All you need to do is attach the JockeyMate to your jockey wheel shaft with the provided clamp

Please remove the JockeyMate when travelling, do not leave attached when not parked. Stow in the boot of your van without disassembly.

JockeyMate has been designed to withstand weather, and can be left out although it’s always advisable to clean with a damp cloth and dry before long term storage.

As we are conscious of weight, we have made JockeyMate as light as possible. At 4.3kgs including the jockey wheel clamp or UBolt, it is strong but designed only to hold your camp stove or barbecue - to a maximum weight of 15 kilograms.

JockeyMate tray is 600mm x 450mm


We do not recommend having a BBQ under a pop out bed over the drawer bar.
Remove BBQ JockeyMate when travelling
Ensure BBQ JockeyMate is firmly tightened to the Jockey Wheel Shaft

CaravanMate Towing App

An App to assist you in understanding all those confusing acronyms, like GTM, GCM, ATM & GVM.

Enter all the known weights of the vehicle and caravan, camper or trailer, click Save and Verify to ensure you are within the manufacturers' weight limits.

Use the pre towing checklist to make sure you have completed all tasks before commencing the trip. 

Use the "Don't forget to pack" checklist to make sure everything is packed. Enter your own descriptions and tick it off as items are packed.

Save your favorite Caravan Parks or save any recommended Caravan Parks. Enter information about the park as a reference for the next trip.

CaravanMate Tyre Pressure App

This App will assist in working out the cold tyre pressure. There is a Help sheet to explain how to check the tyres when they are hot ofter a 100 klms or so. The App will then calculate the new cold pressure. Save the pressure for the vehicle and the caravan to refer to for next time. Calculates in PSI, BAR and KPA.

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