CaravanMate Tyre Pressure

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CaravanMate Tyre Pressure
  • Assists in the most correct cold pressure for the tyres
  • Displays in PSI, BAR or KPA
  • Save both Vehicle and Caravan tyre pressures for reference next trip
  • Helps with working out the cold pressure after checking the hot pressure

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CaravanMate Tyre Pressure Calculator

Assists in working out the Starting cold pressure that should be put in the particular type of tyre that you have on the vehilcle or the caravan

Describes and calculates what the tyre pressure should be after travelling 100klms or for an hour

Save both the vehicle and the caravan tyre pressures for reference later. Next trip lookup the previous tyre pressure as a good starting point

Pressure is available in PSI, BAR or KPA

Easy to use, tyre pressure cannot be calculated without knowing what tyres are on the Vehicle or Caravan. The App assists in obtaining this information off the tyres to calculate the correct cold pressure


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