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CaravanMate Towing
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  • See the Bailey Caravan Stability Study video below
  • Acronyms explained in simple terms
  • Ensure your caravan is in the manufacturers maximum allowable weight
  • Payload screen to enter weights of items packed in the vehicle or caravan
  • Use the App to find a new Vehicle or Caravan of suitable weight
  • Checklist - is everything ticked off before you tow
  • Checklist - are all the regular items packed and ticked off
  • Save your favorite Caravan parks or recommended parks

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Minimise Risk

This App has been designed to help you conform with manufacturers' maximum allowable weights which will also reduce the risk of the caravan swaying, maybe avoiding a fine or perhaps causing an accident

About Us

Explains the process required to complete the weights entry


Enter the Payload of the Vehicle and Caravan. Add in all the items packed and any items that are added to either the Vehicle or Caravan. (Added items - Bullbars, Roof racks, Solar, Bike racks or similar additional items)

Weights Screen

Enter weights of the Vehicle and Caravan, Click the SAVE button to verify your rig is within the manufacturers' limits

Acronyms in simple Terms

GTM, ATM, GTM, GCM, these acronyms can get very confusing. This App will assist you in understand what they mean. The Definitions screen explains what each mean and there is an image of each to also assist


Caravan Checklist - A list to help remember all the things that need to be done before hooking up and after hooking before you leave. The second part of the screen is to help remember everything to pack. All fields can be modified to suit your own checklist items

Favorite Caravan Parks

My Caravan Parks - Record information about the caravan parks you have visited. These are stored by Suburb and Park name. Address and other information can be recorded

Contact Us

We are only to happy to assist you in setting up the App. 

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